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Boxed Mini-Album & USB


This attractive presentation box will contain a 9x6 inch mini-album plus a USB containing all your wedding pictures. My bespoke design is printed onto Fuji Krystal Archive photographic paper and then mounted onto thin-card pages before binding into the album cover. Both the box and the mini-album will be covered in your choice of linen or leatherette material.  Click on one of the pictures on the left to see the cover materials, or click on this link to see bigger examples:



When you order an album I will go ahead and design the album pages, and when it's done I will email you a link and password to the gallery where you will see the first design, and from here you can suggest changes to your design and we go backwards and forwards until you are happy with the design. Once the design is finalised and I upload the pages to the Lab, it takes between seven to ten working days for the Storybook to come back to me and then once I have checked the quality, I will then arrange delivery.


The mini-album is available with 20 or 30 page spreads (40 or 60 page-sides). Choose the number of pages from below. Not sure how many pages to choose..? Well that's up to you, but I would suggest 20 spreads for a smaller wedding and 30 for a bigger wedding.


Linen covers are included in the cost of the album.

COVER MATERIAL - Leatherette

Leatherette is a simulated leather, and is included in the cost of the album.


The chrome USB will be inlaid with either white or black leatherette and have black or white writing.

MAIN ALBUM COVER TEXT - First Line of Text

The first line of text for your album cover - such as Felicity & Neil.

MAIN ALBUM COVER TEXT - Second Line of Text

Second line of test, such as "Our Wedding Day" or "22 September 2019".

ALBUM & BOX COVER - Style of Font

Choose the font for your album cover text.


You can choose to include a graphic on the front cover of your album and box. The graphic will surround the name block. SEE EXAMPLES ON LEFT.


Order an additional box-set for your parents. This will include an identical album and USB containing all the wedding pictures.
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